TENET’s Vidyo Service in an exciting initiative designed to hugely improve the opportunities for video collaboration and content sharing for South African tertiary education and research.

Please see the blog for latest news and plans for future developments, and follow the links to the pages for advice and guidance in using or administrating the service.

What is the Vidyo Service?

Vidyo is a videoconferencing platform that was developed to address some of the problems that traditional videoconferencing has. These problems lie particularly in the ability of these approaches to easily scale between meeting rooms, the desktop and laptop computer environment and using mobile devices and the ability to have many participants in a meeting without sacrificing quality. Vidyo is able to do this in part by virtue of the fact that its VidyoRouter does no encoding, re-encoding or compositing – all the activity relating to these activities takes place on the end point devices – leveraging the power of modern computing devices.

Endpoints in Vidyo can range from high end room systems with multiple screens through to setups that are similar to traditional videoconferencing setups, through to a PC with a conference camera/speaker/microphone device in a seminar room to an individual on a laptop to someone using a smart phone top connect over LTE or 3G.

Vidyo does not leave the traditional world of videoconferencing behind. TENET has put in place a number of Vidyo’s VidyoGateways that allow H.323/SIP endpoints to join Vidyo meetings.

This graphic from Vidyo shows the various components of the system:


Want to see what the Vidyo service can do for your ability to collaborate high quality video, audio and content sharing? If you re a member of staff or post-graduate student at a qualifying organisation* you can request an account at https://goo.gl/g8GM26.

* The list of qualifying organisation is here. You will need to supply an email address linked to one of these organisations to be able to get an account.

See our Quick Start Guide.


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