Polycom no video showing fix

We had a call today from the University of Pretoria who are experimenting with interfacing Vidyo with their existing Polycom estate. This is one of the really nice thing about Vidyo – the way that you can just use it as high quality and easy to use desktop client for your existing videoconferencing activities.

They called because while they were able to connect a call from Polycom to Vidyo and vice versa, they were unable to see or transmit video. This happened on a point to point call and if they tried calling through the IVR to join a Vidyo meeting room.

The fix turned out to be quite straightforward. The Polycom unit is a Polycom Vsx7000, and on that unit, and maybe other H.323 CODECs there is a setting to support ISDN using H.261 – or Basic mode. You can access the setting for the unit through the admin interface under

System > Admin Settings > Network > Call Preference

Deselect that and restart the unit and video will be received and sent as expected.

Don’t forget that you can use your existing H.232/SIP (Polycom, etc.) endpoints to connect to meetings with Vidyo desktop, etc. See this page for instructions. In fact, you can use the VidyoGateway as a pure H.323/SIP Bridge if you really want to, although to manage the meeting, it is usually  good idea to have at least on VidyoDesktop endpoint in the meeting as well.

Hope that helps.

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