Sharing a PowerPoint presentation in a Vidyo Meeting

One of the great things about Vidyo is the ease of sharing content from VidyoDesktop – just click the sharing button on the toolbar, and select the the open window or screen you want to share. Then all the participants in the meeting will see the share unless they choose not to.

That’s great until you try to share PowerPoint presentations! In the default set up of PowerPoint,  starting the slide show means the presentation takes over the whole screen(s). That means you can’t go back to Vidyo to start sharing.

The way round is to change the way that PowerPoint makes the presentation available. In the Menu bar (MacOS) or Ribbon Tabs (Windows) select Slide Show and then the option “Set Up (Slide) Show“. In the dialogue box  that appears elect “Browsed by an individual” radio button under the Show type list.



Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 13.43.23

Mac OS

When you go to run the Slide Show again, you will find it is running a proper OS window that Vidyo has no trouble sharing, and from which you can switch to-and-fro with Vidyo.

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