Full HD Recording and Streaming now available on Vidyo

We have just completed a major update to the TENET Vidyo backend. Vidyo have pushed out new releases of the software that runs the VidyoPortal, VidyoRouters, VidyoGateways and VidyoReplay.

End users will not notice many changes, as these are mostly updates to the underlying server architectures. However, Tenant Admins and Operators in the universities and other organisations using this service will notice a change in the admin interface, and all users will benefit form a couple of very welcome enhancements in capability.

Changes to /admin interface

Vidyo have redone the Admin and SuperAdmin interfaces to move away from the old Flash based interface to a more modern HTML5 style et up. All the old functionality is still there, albeit sometimes in slightly different places.

Gateway Capacity

One welcome result of this upgrade is that the capacity of the VidyoGateway Cluster that we are running is magically doubled! I think that owing to a move to a full 64 bit architecture, Vidyo have been able to squeeze more connections out of a given Virtual Machine set up. We need to do some rearrangement of things, but we hope to be able to offer a decent size pool of of full HD H.323/SIP connection. Don’t forget that you can use the Gateways as a cloud VMR, without Vidyo – see this page for information.

Full HD Record/Replay/Streaming

This is really good news. Up to now we have been restricted in our recording, etc. , to HD (720p). That’s OK, but with the continued adoption of high resolution screens displays, the lack of Full HD was starting to show. We have now enabled Full HD recording – see the page on recording a meeting for instructions on how to start a recording. We have enabled three new recording profiles:

  • Full HD People & Content
    • Shows shared content (if present) with the people in small windows to right and below content
  • Full HD People – No Content
    • Just People – no content (even if shared)
  • Full HD Content Preferred
    • Shows just content if it is being shared.

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