New VidyoRemote App for iPad, and other updates

Vidyo have announced the release of some new versions for the Vidyo badged Room systems and also the VidyoRoom SE version. This is in addition to a welcome updating of the VidyoDesktop for Linux to match the versions already available for MacOS and Windows. Finally, there is a new VidyoRemote for iPad that looks very nice.

Some highlights of the new VidyoRoom releases are:

  • New side-by-side option for VidyRoom SE that allows one screen to show VidyoRoom and the other to show the Windows Desktop. You must be running VidyoRoom SE as an HD230 to be able to so this
  • It seems you can now uninstall and the re-install VidyoRoom SE and choose a different version to run as (previously it was a one way choice).
  • New USB 3 cameras supported:
    • The Mimray UV950 is a USB 3 Camera with 12x optical zoom, and up to 1080p at 60fps
    • The Sony SRG-120DU USB 3 camera with 12x optical zoom and 71 degree wide angle
  • Improved quality of audio played back through an INOGENIE content capture device

VidyoRemote 3 for iPad

This looks really nice. It essentially gives you a touch screen version of both the IR Remote and the Control Meeting Web GUI rolled into one. You pair it to the Room system – you will find the pairing code for the VidyoRoom system on the backend web GUI for the Room system (get to that browsing to the VidyoRoom system IP address and authenticating). Once paired, you choose which room system (if you have set up a number of different ones) and away you go with full control. See the screenshots below. Get it from the iOS App Store.

IMG_0091 IMG_0092



No word on whether they are developing an Android Tablet version.

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