The onward march of Full HD

TENET is pleased to announce that the TENET Vidyo set-up now supports Full HD (1080p) across the piece. Yesterday we took advantage of the increased capacity available on our VidyoGateways that arose from Vidyo’s recent software updates, that have effectively doubled the call capacity, to make available Full HD connection to and from H.323/SIP endpoints. This follows on from the recent arrival of Full HD on the VidyoReplay/Recorder

The VidyoGateway cluster we run has always supported HD (7020p), and of course native Vidyo calls can do Full HD and even better in some circumstances, but it was clear that some of our users were looking to be able to connect existing H.323/SIP endpoints to Vidyo meetings at this higher resolution.

Having made the adjustments, we can now offer our H.323/SIP users:

  • 12 ports of Full HD connection, or
  • 21 ports HD. or
  • 48 SD, etc

Or some combination of these amounts.

Don’t forget that we also offer voice call ability to Vidyo meetings – you will see the details by generating the meeting invite from VidyoDesktop.

We have instructions on connecting to and from an H.323/SIP endpoint here

Please do try this out and let us know at how it goes or if there are any problems

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