Sharing content in Windows 8 and later

Vidyo introduced a change in a recent VidyoDesktop release (3.6.5) that changes the way you can share content from VidyoDesktop running on Windows 8 and later.

This is from the technical bulletin from Vidyo:

On Windows 8 and later, in certain scenarios when a user shares an application, other applications running on that user’s machine may also be shared into the conference. Due to this privacy concern, we have limited sharing on Windows 8 and later to sharing the full display only. On Windows versions earlier than Windows 8 and on Mac OS X, this issue does not exist, therefore application sharing is still available.

We have not seen this behaviour ourselves, but it is clear that this is not a scenario that you would want to have happen when you are sharing content.

If you share content from a Windows 8 device with a single screen, you will be sharing the same screen that VidyoDesktop is running on. When you start sharing, you will see VidyoDesktop minimise itself to a small window at the bottom of your screen. If you have two screens, then you can share the screen on which VidyoDesktop is not running and VidyoDesktop should not minimise itself as it does with a one screen setup.


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