Admins – SAML Integration

Vidyo provides the means to allow users to authenticate through SAML and become self-provisioned users. Doing this is a little more complex than the LDAP integration, but anyone with a reasonable understanding of SAML and conjuring applications to access their institutional IDP should have no trouble doing this.

One positive aspect of going the SAML route is that the authentication takes place through the institutional Single Sign On page, and not through the VidyoDesktop login box. Guy Halse from Rhodes observed that this, for him , was a bonus, as at Rhodes they are trying to drum home the message that the only place that students and staff should use their Rhodes credentials is at the Rhodes SSO interface. With the LDAP approach, authentication takes place at the VidyoDesktop login dialogue box, which is in some respects cleaner in that that then takes you into Vidyo, but breaks the “only authenticate at the local sign-in portal” dictum.

You can get the latest version of Vidyo’s comprehensive VidyoConferencing Administrators guide here:

In this video, Guy talks through the process of doing the integration.