Admins – Calendar integration for VidyoRooms

If you are running VidyoRooms in your institution (whether Vidyo badged ‘codecs’ or the VidyoRoom SE version your own PC, you can use the calendar integration to enable the VidyoRoom to be invited to the meeting, which then makes going the meeting in that room a simple matter of electing a tile on the screen and pressing ‘OK’ on the remote control.

The VidyoRoom admin interface can be accessed by simply browsing to the IP address of the room. Please contact to discover the default username and password. You should of course change these, if you have not already done so.

Once there, on the settings tab scroll down toward the bottom, and in the panel ‘Calendar Integration’ elect the type you want to use (Exchange or Google Calendar). You may need to click the small triangle revel at the panel.

Microsoft Exchange

  1. Enter the email address assigned to the VidyoRoom – you may need to ask your Exchange administrator to create an email address for the room. If the VidyoRoom is fixed in a particular physical room, then it makes sense to use the same email address to book the physical room and the VidyoRoom.
  2. Enter the password for that email address
  3. We never did have nay success with Auto Discover for the Exchange Web Server URL, but your mileage may vary – try it and if that does not work:
  4. Enter the Exchange Web Server URL in the box below the Radio Buttons. We found that it needs to be in the form

If all works as it should, when you send a calendar invite to the VidyoRoom it will then appear on the home screen of the VidyoRoom system as a green clickable link, if you have put the meeting link into the calendar invite. Non Vidyo meetings appear as grey boxes.

To join the VidyoRoom into the meeting elect the green button with the remote control and press the OK button on the remote.