Invite guests (non-registered users) to a meeting

Vidyo allows you to invite unlimited* guests to your meetings. These guests do not need to have accounts on the Vidyo system.

You can invite guest by sending them the meeting link. There are a number of ways to do this, but our recommendation is that you use the calendar integration, so that the meetings details get sent out as a calendar invitation.

  1. Login to your VidyoDesktop application
  2. Click the icon of the calendar with the + sign to the right of the Search Contacts box at the top of the window. This generates a meeting invite in your default calendar application. You can move that to the correct time, and add your guest(s) as invitees. One benefit of using calendar invites is that you can also invite physical meeting rooms, if you have a local room booking system integrated with your calendar, and also VidyoRoom systems, if they have calendar integration enabled.
  3. Edit the message that Vidyo generates as required. Send the invite.
  4. Your guests click the meeting link, and if they have never connected to the Vidyo system before, they will be prompted to download and install a small plugin for their browser. Once this is done they will be able to join the meeting through VidyoWeb.
  5. You can send them this link to show how to use the VidyoWeb interface, if they need it:

For more information on managing meetings and invitation in VidyoDesktop see the Quick Start Guide

*Note that unlimited means in practice that you can invite up to 49 other users on VidyoDesktop, VidyoWeb and VidyoMobile to your meetings, whether they are registered users or guests. If you think you will need to exceed this limit, please contact to have the limit raised.