Changing your password

How to change  your Vidyo Account Password


This guide has been written to assist you in the steps needed to change your Vidyo password.


Follow these steps according to the operating system you are running. The procedure for Linux clients will follow in due course.

1. Mac OS and Windows

Start the Vidyo client by either double clicking it in the Finder or start it from the Dock. When you have logged in as normal, Control Click (Right Click with some mice) or two fingered click on the Apple trackpads).

With Windows make the icon for VidyoDesktop visible in the System Tray and right click it – a similar pop up menu will appear.

You will see this menu pop up:

Select the Manage Account option.

Your preferred web browser will open with this window :



Enter you existing password followed by the new password twice.

Then click save and you are done. Log out of the Vidyo Client and then log back in with your new password.

iOS and Android

It is not possible to change our password via either of these interfaces, You will need to follow the instructions for either MacOS or or Windows.

Lost and forgotten passwords

If you have lost or forgotten your password you can request a password reset by launching the VidyoDesktop application and clicking the “Forgot you password?” link on the login window.


That will take you to this screen where you can request a password reset. A link will be mailed to you that you can follow to trigger a new password.

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