Getting started with Vidyo

Getting started

To get started with Vidyo, download the VidyoDesktop client from the VidyoPortal. The address of the VidyoPortal will depend on your institution. Please see this page for a list of institutions and the addresses that apply.

Once you have installed it, run the application and log in using the VidyoPortal address from the list linked to above, and the username and password that the administrator has sent you.


You can also download the VidyoMobile App from the iOS and Android App stores. There is no Blackberry or Windows mobile client for Vidyo.

More help

Want to see what the Vidyo service can do for your ability to collaborate high quality video, audio and content sharing? If you re a member of staff or post-graduate student at a qualifying organisation* you can request an account at

* The list of qualifying organisation is here. You will need to supply an email address linked to one of these organisations to be able to get an account.

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