Use an H.323/SIP client to connect to a Vidyo meeting

You can bring H.323/SIP videoconferencing endpoints into Vidyo meetings.

These are the traditional (Vidyo calls them legacy) videoconferencing endpoints from the likes of Polycom, Sony, Cisco, Avaya and LifeSize. One of the appeals of Vidyo to TENET was the fact that your existing videoconferencing deployments can join into Vidyo meetings. Indeed, you can use the TENET Vidyo infrastructure purely as an MCU for H.323/SIP.

You can call an H.323/SIP videoconferencing endpoint into a Vidyo meeting, or call out from H.323/SIP videoconferencing endpoint to join a Vidyo meeting room.

If you just want to call an H.323/SIP endpoint in a point-topoint-call, the you can do so by searching for them in your contacts list and placing a direct call.

See the TENET Vidyo Guide for more information on calling to and from an H.323/SIP endpoint.

Call out to an H.323/SIP videoconferencing endpoint

In this approach you call the H.323/SIP endpoint from the Participants pane in the VidyoDesktop by entering the IP number of the endpoint. If you or your administrator has entered the details of the H.323/SIP endpoint in the Users directory in the VidyoPortal Tenant area, then you can find the H.323/SIP endpoint by searching in the search box. If you are not the administrator of your organisation’s VidyoPortal, please contact that person to add the H.323/SIP endpoint details. If you do not know who the administrator for your organisation then send mail to and we will let you know.

Adding H.323/SIP endpoint details to the VidyoPortal

If you are adding H.323/SIP endpoints to your VidyoPortal, then we ask that you use this naming convention so that other uses across South Africa can easily see who they might be connecting to:


So for example, the TENET VC Room in Wynberg would be:


Call into a Vidyo Meeting from H.323/SIP endpoint

You can also use an H.323/SIP videoconferencing endpoint to call into the VidyoGateway and from there enter a meeting ID and join the meeting that way. Meeting ID s are generated from email invitations generated within Vidyo, or from the Outlook or Google Mail plugins. Meeting IDs can also be generated from the control meeting web interface.

The meeting link will be in the form of an IP address (the address of the TENET VidyoGateway cluster) followed by a meeting ID: followed by 110045

for example.

When you connect the H.323/SIP endpoint you will reach the VidyoGateway IVR. The screen will look like this:

[Image here]

You will be prompted to enter to join a conference via the touch or DTMF  tones on your VC unit. Then to enter the room extension in the email followed by the # (pound) sign.

If you are having issues with connecting H.323/SIP endpoints to Vidyo, there is a troubleshooting guide for VC support people. Please email for further help.

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