Record a Meeting

The TENET Vidyo service includes the the capability to record and stream meetings.

Meetings may be recorded or recorded and streamed.

Record a meeting

To recorda meeting you need to access the Control Meeting interface. To do this (you need to be the room owner) click on icon on the far left of the tool bar in the VidyoDesktop interface while you are in a meeting. Then click the little slider icon at the bottom of the participants pane:



This will load the Control Meeting interface in your preferred web browser:


Click the Record button. This brings up this box. The Full HD options give you excellent resolution and quality, but generate much larger movie files.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 16.31.01


Click record and after a few seconds the recording begins.

When the recording is running you will see a red dot in the “Control Meeting” web interface and in the bottom right hand corner of the VidyoDesktop interface.

When you want to stop the recording, or pause it, use the pause and stop buttons on the “Control Meeting” interface:



Access to your recordings

You can access your recordings from the Control Meeting interface that you used to start and stop the recording. You can also access it by going to the site that houses your library directly. This will take the form, where xxx is the unique identifier for your Tenant area. You can find what to put in place of the xxx from this list.

To access your recording via the Control Meeting interface follow these steps:

1. Click on the icon with the three green dots and you will get this dialog box:


2. Click the top button to be taken to your recording library.

3. In your library you will see your recordings. If you click on one it will play in the browser window.

4. The recording may also be downloaded as an .mp4 file. To do this click on the Admin Manager link in the menu bar:



In this interface you have a range of options. You can:

  1. Delete the recording
  2. Edit the metadata associated with it
  3. Set a pin and change privacy levels
  4. Download it
  5. Lock it
  6. Share it via a link in an email

See the example below.





Click on the Edit link and you are able to:

  • Change the title (by default these are in the form <your-username> conference recording)
  • Add a description
  • Add or edit tags
  • Change who can view:
    • Private (just you) – only appears in your VidyoReplay Library and Manager
    • Organization – only people in your Tenant (e.g., your company) will be able to see the recording in their VidyoReplay Library and Manager.
    • Public – appears on the VidyoReplay Public Library.
  • Set a pin
  • Copy the Recording link or trigger an email to send it
  • Copy the embed code to embed the recording in a web page.

Webcasting your meeting

Vidyo provides the means to reach a large audience from your meeting. Although you can invite many many people to your meeting (as guests in addition to registered users) there are times when you may want to reach people in what is a broadcast. Vidyo allows you to webcast to up to 300 people. One of these participants can be a web streaming service, so the possibility exists to reach far more people than that.

To webcast your meeting, follow the steps above to record a meeting (note that while you can record without webcasting, webcasting means that you record as well).

The additional step needed is to click the button with three green dots in the “Control Meeting” web page and when the dialog box appears you can copy the webcast link and set a PIN on the webcast if you so desire.  Email this link (and PIN if appropriate) to your audience.

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