Using VidyoMobile (iOS & Android)


You can join Vidyo meetings from smartphones and tablets. The current systems supported are iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android (versions 2.2 and above). The VidyoMobile clients need to be downloaded directly from the Apple Store (iPad and iPhone4) or the Android Market (Android devices). The Android App can be dowloaded from Vidyo’s software downloads page.

When configuring the client as in the Desktop client, use the appropriate VidyoPortal Address as found in this list as ‘Portal’ value, and username and password that you use for VidyoDesktop. You can also join meetings by clicking on the link in a Vidyo meeting calendar entry or an invitation email. Chose a display name for yourself and join the conference.

In the conference you can double click a participants video or content being shared to zoom it up to fill more of the screen. You can then touch the Star icon in the corner of the zoomed window to make it stay large.

Please see the VidyoMobile Data Sheet for more information on VidyoMobile.

Tablets and Vidyo meetings

Vidyo offers some additional options if you have a tablet (iOS or Android).

1. VidyoSlate

VidyoSlate allows you to annoate on shared content – either content that the other participants are sharing, or from your local documents (VidyoSlate integrates with Cloud services like Drobox, Box and Google Drive). There are a range of drawing and annotating tools that respond to touch. There is also a ‘laser pointer’.

Download VidyoSlate from the relevant App store for your tablet.

2. Manage conference

You can also operate many of the ‘Manage Meeting’ activities from a Tablet. Click on the meeting link, and then the button labelled ‘Manage Meeting’. Login as requested (your Vidyo account username and password) and you will be in the “Control Meeting’ web interface. From here you can invite particpants by email or directly bring them into the meeting, control the other particpants’ camers and microphones, initate and stop recordings, and access your recording library.



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